When is the last time you got on the balcony? 

When is the last time you got on the balcony?

Let’s travel inside a typical work day for most.  Do you ever get to work and start diving right into everything going on or get wrapped up trying to sort through everything let from the prior day?

Many times, our focus is to just dive right in and we do not realize everything going on around us. Ronald A Heifetz once said, “Leadership is both active and reflective. One has to alternate between participating and observing.”

When we are on the stage with our teams we are very active. We are in the moment, rolling our sleeves up and doing what needs to be done to lead our teams forward.  When we take a step back and get on the balcony, we become reflective.   Think about it for a minute!  When you are on the stage, you see what is directly in front of you, and beside you but when you get on the balcony, you can see everything happening across the stage and audience.

If it has been awhile since you have stepped onto the balcony, think about starting your day there. The view will help you more than you realize.


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