The LPM Group is a company with a vision and passion to make a measurable difference for your organization.  Headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia, we serve customers on a local and global scale offering comprehensive professional services in program/project management, strategic planning, business analytics, process optimization, training, professional staffing and many others.
With an ever-increasing dedication to flexibility and innovation, our endeavor is to offer convenient, forward-thinking and transparent services to companies looking to free the full potential of their businesses.
We are the missing piece!

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Consultant Services

The most critical aspects of any organization change involve people, process and technology.  The LPM Group has over 40 years of experience to help any organization.

At the LPM Group, we take a systematic approach to transforming your business, always keeping your mission, vision and values at the front of everything we do.

Our Vision is to become a trusted partner by providing high-quality, cost-effective services, solutions and training to our customers, and helping every person and organization we work with to achieve more.

Together, we put your problems in your rear view! Do not let Organization Change defeat you!


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The LPM Group offers a wide variety of training including with focus on Practical Project Management, Becoming One Team and Core Presentation Skills.

Our training is simply unique and tailored to the customer.  We simply do not come in and provide basic, foundation level information. We spend time with your team understanding not only the areas of opportunity, but the culture of the company to ensure that the information is not only delivered but adopted and instilled into the fabric of the organization.

No group size is too small.  From 1:1 training to large group sessions the LPM Group can deliver your training needs.

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Join Our Team

Are you ready to make a major career move or try a new challenging job? We can help!

At The LPM Group you are much more to us than your skills and work experience. We take time to understand your career goals, interests and work environment preferences.

Servicing clients around the world, our team of professionals understands how important the right match is.   We believe in seamlessly combining the talent of our team with our partners, applying intelligence and innovation to enable everyone to drive towards the common goal.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our open positions.

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Our Culture

Our culture is the driving force behind everything we do.  

We cultivate a culture where we are…

text_under_puzzle_piece_14493 (5)COLLECTIVELY GENIUS

We believe in the power of Diversity and Inclusion. Alone we are only one single piece of the puzzle but when we come together can create a masterpiece through collective genius.

text_under_puzzle_piece_14493 (5)TOGETHER: UNDENIABLY GREAT

We believe in seamlessly combining the talent of our team with our partners, applying intelligence and innovation to enable everyone to drive towards the common goal.

text_under_puzzle_piece_14493 (5) SHARING KINDNESS

We are dedicated to paying it forward by sharing kindness and generously giving of our time and talents to past, present and future generations.